In recent years, Europe has seen the popularity of esports grow exponentially, with the region now home to some of the best esports athletes on the planet. With established global teams signing local players, and new teams achieving remarkable success on the global stage, esports fans have witnessed some memorable and fierce competitions. Today, Razer is taking esports to the next level with RI-Europe, offering players and the community a new competition set to surpass the expectations of a standard esports tournament. Gamers from all over Europe can sign up and compete to proudly represent their squad, team, and nation in an entirely online, virtual event.

Keeping access as open as possible, the RI-Europe tournaments will be decided in one of the most popular battle royale games of all time, Fortnite. Razer has decided to support the burgeoning European Fortnite community with 6 weeks of intense competition, with each week featuring a tournament for up to 5000 competitors to battle it out for cash and hardware prizes from Razer and co-sponsors, Intel, Seagate and Pringles.

The RI-Europe will kick off on December 5th with what promises to be a ruthlessly entertaining exhibition match between star European streamers, including Krench Royale, Rogalik, Rafa and many others. And to reinforce the ‘open to all’ nature of RI-Europe, each streamer’s team will be made up of members of their community, giving their fans a chance for glory alongside their heroes.