Razer is committed to fair play and sportmanship within the commnity. Tournaments rules are available here and remember, GL:HF!


What is RAZER Invitational?

Razer invitational – is an open European Fortnite trio tournament for everyone, regardless of skill level.

What can I win?

The prize pool for each of the 6 tournaments is the same and is as follows:
1st place – € 3,600
2nd place – € 1,800
3rd place – € 1,200
4th place 3x razer viper ultimate + 3x razer gigantus v2 XXL
5th place 3x razer viper ultimate
NOTE: The award is for the entire team, not one person

When is the tournament?

The Razer invitational is a series of six three-day tournaments that will take place:
December 10-12, 2020
December 17-19, 2020
January 7-9, 2021
January 14-16, 2021
January 21-23, 2021
January 28-30, 2021

How do I sign up for a tournament?

You can sign up for the tournament via the main website of the tournament

Where can I contact the organizer?

The tournament administration is available at on a dedicated channel (# invitational-support). If a participant has any problem or question, dont hesitate to head straight there!

Can I broadcast a tournament live?

Yes, but before starting the broadcast, it is recommended that you carefully read point 7 of the Code of Conduct.

The War Legend system isn't working, I didn't recieve any points in the leaderboard

Make sure you have Replays enabled in Fortnite. Otherwise the system will not record your score.

When installing War Legend, I get a popup message "Windows has protected this computer"

War Legend System is not a virus, it is a new piece of software and, as the message itself says, is “unrecognized software” for Windows. In this case, to continue the installation, click “More information” and “run anyway”

Can I register for the tournament while it is in progress?

No, registration is closed at the start of the tournament, only people who signed up before the tournament will be able to take part in it.